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12 week coaching programme

What you accept, you get.


If you’ve settled for a life of hard grind, daily hustle and dissatisfaction, you get to keep it. 


BUT, if you honour your need for a joy-filled purposeful life of service to God, yourself, your family and the community doing work that lights you up and gives you ammunition to get up each day, you get to keep that too. 


However, there is a disclaimer - You have to play your part:

  1.  You have to know what you’re aiming for

  2.  You have to remove all doubt and boldly move forward towards the life you’re aiming for and

  3.  You have to start somewhere 


This is your opportunity to start with professional support:



Take part in the 12 week transformational 1:1 coaching programme 


Week 1 we will deep-dive into your vision and purpose which is made up of your skills, passions, gifts, talents and everything that drives you as a person. 


Week 2 - 4 we will look at all the areas of your life and work on a strategy that will carry you forward over the 12 weeks.


The 7 areas being:


Health (physical & mental)




Acts of service (charity)



Week 5 - 12 we get to work and put in place systems to ensure that you are consistently working on yourself, your goals and the mindset to carry you through.



You will have tangible results and tools for a life that is aligned with who you are and one that feels good to you on a spiritual and emotional level.


Leave with:

Purpose! - An understanding of your skills, talents, gifts, passions and the knowledge of the highest use of your skillset. By the end of the programme you will have already started the business, non-profit or adopted the lifestyle that gives you the greatest sense of purpose (even if you have no idea of what that is now)


The mindset to maintain longevity and build long-term success in your area of purpose 


Knowledge of exactly what you want and confidence in your reasons why


Confidence in who you are as a person and the tools you have to offer in any arena


The ability to recognise opportunities that are catered to you

Clarity on the 7 areas of life and the tools to work on them consistently 


Become more: 









What you get:

  • 12 x one-to-one coaching via video call with me, Mawuena Rankine

  • All the tools and templates you need to complete the programme

  • Ongoing support to help you stet by step

This investment is perfect if you're a woman who is:

  • starting a career

  • transitioning careers

  • feeling stuck in life

  • wanting more for yourself and your family 

  • looking for adventure

  • wanting something different

  • dissatisfied with the results in your life so far

  • seeking a deeper faith and relationship with God

  • wanting to level-up and improve the way you show up for your life

  • sure you have more to offer but can't figure out how to go about it

  • feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and under-appreciated

The bottom line is, if you know that God has more for you but you're feeling stagnant about how to move forward, then this is for you!


Energise Your Purpose Programme

Value £3000

Current price £1200

Once you book, you should receive a confirmation email.

If for some reason you do not receive the email within an hour or you would like further information, email: Click here to see a copy of the Formal Agreement for full terms and conditions.

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