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In a world full of endless options, many people struggle with the concept of PURPOSE. It is a subject often discussed with no resolve because the truth is, very few are aware of what PURPOSE really is and how to even recognise it. 

Inspired by the Bible, this impactful workbook is designed for women to deeply consider the attributes that make them unique. By working through a series of concise exercises, the student will be led to identify their UNIQUE PURPOSE.

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Available now in Paperback and Kindle Edition

It’s the start of summer break and Dana is on a roll. When beloved relatives come to visit, things are looking up for the young schoolgirl, but a series of events finally lead to a tough decision. Join Dana to discover how an ordinary day turns out to be not-so-ordinary after all.

A faith-inspired tale of homelessness and empathy.​

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Dana's not-so-ordinary day


I'm Mawuena, a wife, mother and author of 'Find Your Unique Purpose’ and 'Dana's not-so-ordinary day.' Writing has been a long-time passion of mine and recently I’ve focused the skill to become a published author. I realised that I had a lot of ideas that I just had to get out of my head and release into the world. 


Besides writing, I am also a Life Coach for women using a combination of Biblical principles and NLP techniques to transform the outlook and results for my clients.


I am committed to helping women break bad habits and to identify and implement their unique purpose in life and business. 


I know the freedom that comes with understanding your purpose, the joy of waking up to a life you’re actually excited to live each day as well as the clarity and endless opportunities that come along when you take action on your calling.


I believe we are all born with a purpose however very few find the path that leads to that place of fulfilment.


I support women at every stage of life so no matter if you’re single or married, if you are a woman who feels stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled, undervalued or uninspired by what you’re currently doing each day, i'm here to serve.


Finding your purpose is a gateway to improved mental health, vitality, personal wealth, joy and overall fulfilment, but you will never find it unless you engage with the process. My formula is just one way to help you, however I believe it could save you both time and money in the long run. 


As they say, if you continue to make the same choices, you’ll only get the same results.


Try something different today. Book a FREE purpose call and let’s build a strategy to get you to that place of fulfilment.

Dana's not-so-ordinary day