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Is it Homeschool, Home-School, Home Education or Home-ed?

Ever wondered what the difference is? Well you’re in the right place.

If you’re new to homeschooling then one of the earliest challenges you’ll face is trying to understand the language.

Here in England, the terminology for homeschool means different things to different people.


On the UK government website, the technical term for educating your child full-time at home is EHE meaning ‘Elective Home Education’ (not the Michael Jackson ad-lib 👀😂).

The technical term for educating your child at home for a period of time while they’re still enrolled at a school is called home-schooling.


HOWWWEVER, for the sake of this blog and to avoid confusion for international readers, I’m adopting the American term of homeschooling for much of my writing which, like EHE means to educate your child full-time at home. It effectively replaces the typical school-based education to one that takes place ‘at home.’

Homeschooling parents come in all shapes and sizes and no two homeschools will look the same. But if done right, each homeschool will be intentional and designed to meet the age and stage of the homeschooled children within the home using resources that are accessible to the parents.

In England we don't receive funding to home educate our children. It's a leap of faith that the parents have to decide to take.

I’ve decided to use the term homeschooling as I believe that when used, most people (even in the UK) know what I'm talking about.


When doing your research into homeschooling, you also have to be mindful of the spelling which is expressed differently in places:

Home-school = Homeschool

Home ed = Home Education



I am a homeschool mum and I am currently educating my eldest son full-time at home.

I have a baby who I don’t class as being homeschooled just yet, but we intend for him to be once he turns 4. For now he's learning primarily through play, trial and error, watching his older brother, our direction and of course, story time 🥰.

I felt the need to address this to make sure we’re on the same wavelength as you read through other posts. Got it? Good 😊

Any questions? Ask in the comments below 💜

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