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This blog is taking a detour! What started off as a blog to help women discover their purpose is shifting.

While I’m still very much a Purpose and Mindset Coach, my latest role as a Homeschool Mum will shape a lot of my content.

This September (2023) my husband and I set an official routine to home educate our 4 year old. As he just turned 4 in September, he's technically still of preschool age, but we wanted to get him used to the routine and standards we'd like him to uphold during school time at home, so we've started early.

Join me as I open up about the highs and lows of homeschooling and share unique ideas and insights as my husband and I home educate our two boys (currently aged 4 and 1).

With a degree in Business Entrepreneurship with Education Studies and a career as an educator, I’m no stranger to teaching. However I’m not naive to the level of commitment it will take to raise and home educate two young boys.

If you’d like a more visual experience, subscribe to my YouTube channel. It would be great to connect!

Tell me about you. What brings you to this blog? Leave a comment below.

I hope to see you on the next blog post.


Mawuena 💜

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