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🎨 Art used to be my favourite subject at school.

I remember looking forward to a Friday afternoon when FINALLY I’d have nearly 2 whole hours to indulge in a piece of artwork during the lesson. I loved it!

But I also remember the frustration of sometimes not being able to finish a project because by the following week we would have moved on 😒

I feel grateful that by homeschooling my sons, we can take the time we need to help them express their creativity in their global classroom.

One of my early prayers for both of my boys was for YHWH to reveal their strengths so that we could nurture them. And HE did! (And HE's still revealing them).

My eldest loves Lego 😃 (as well as running and trains. Ok and drawing and Paw Patrol and painting 😂).

So Legoland Discovery has become one of our favourite spots over the past year.

I just love seeing him get stuck in and form his very own mini creations using his imagination 🧠.

With Lego, the creative opportunities are endless so it’s a new experience every time 🥰💜

Take a look at our latest visit here.

What do your little ones love to do? Tell me in the comments 😊

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