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This month in our homeschool we’ll be learning all about trees!

I created a simple reading activity to introduce my son to the theme and get him excited about learning in-depth about one of our most abundant resources.

Image of cutting paper leaves

I was personally looking forward to this theme because I already know there’s A LOT I don’t know about trees, so this will be the perfect opportunity to learn right along with my son :D.

Just think about all of the learning possibilities that could stem from trees (no pun intended)...


The water cycle

The climate

The food chain











Geography as a whole…


And that’s just the random ideas off the top of my head!

Trees are marvellous creations! They also create great visuals which is perfect for young visual learners.

Image of a tuff tray with paper leaves and if words

Tree word display in a tuff tray

As my son is still learning to read, I created a list of words from the IT word family to form a creative and interactive reading activity.

For this activity, we used:

  • 1 tuff tray for the background (optional)

  • 1 coloured pen for the bark

  • 2 copies of the leaf printable (download below)

  • 1 IF word family printable (download below)

  • 1 paint brush

  • 1 cup of water for the paint

  • Green paint for the leaves

  • Blue tac to stick the words to the leaves

(Alternatives - you can use 4 pieces of A4 paper instead of a tuff tray for a surface area or even use the floor and create the bark using string instead of a marker).

IT words FREE printable
Download PDF • 30KB

Leaves FREE printable
Download PDF • 59KB


(Designed for children to complete as much of the steps as they can independently. Supervision is required)

  • Draw the outline of a tree bark and branches on a tuff tray (or similar)

  • Cut out the leaves from the printable

  • Paint the leaves green

  • Leave the painted leaves to dry (up to 30 minutes)

  • Cut around the words from the printable (while the leaves are drying)

  • Stick the cut out words to the dried painted leaves

  • Place the leaves on the branches

  • Get your child to read the words out loud

My son thoroughly enjoyed this activity, particularly as he enjoys painting and cutting.

Placing the leaves onto the branches created opportunity for gross motor skill practice which was great for my son. As he's a kinaesthetic learner, he performs best when activities involve some form of movement.

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This activity creates an interesting talking point about the role of trees and can also be used to teach about other aspects of nature.

Will you be trying this? Leave a comment below to tell me what you think :)

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