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Have you ever felt the feeling of hopelessness?

I have. And it hurts.

Maybe you had a financial difficulty that overwhelmed you?… A problem with your spouse?… A child who you could not get to behave?… A challenge at work?… Problematic neighbours?… An unfulfilled dream?… Whatever it was, you felt trapped.

In my experience hopelessness is an empty feeling.

In a recent situation I tried to pool together all of my knowledge and resources regarding a particular situation and nothing seemed to be helping.

My feelings went in a continuous cycle from hopelessness/emptiness to anger to self-pity to despair and back to hopelessness/emptiness again.

I could not see a way out.

I could not understand why with all of my experience, all of my education and all of my intellect I was still not able to solve a relatively simple problem in my life.

Can you see where I was going wrong?

You may have guessed it…

That one-letter word…


I was trying to solve my problem alone. I know this because even though I was praying, I still immediately went back to my old thought-loop.

I wasn’t waiting on YHWH.

The turning point came when after praying again about the matter, a fresh thought came to mind. I was directed to find a sermon on the subject of faith.

In my search I came across one particular sermon that outlined the 3 levels of faith.

Little faith

Little faith is the level that most people are at. With little faith there is a focus on the circumstances. There is also uncertainty about whether God will come through. (See Matthew 8:26)

Great faith

With great faith there is a focus on God. You are stretched as a person and can believe for big things. (See Matthew 15:28)

Perfect faith

With perfect faith you leave no room for doubt. The deal has been done and you are certain that your prayer has already been answered. (See James 2:21-23)

I had been operating at the level of little faith. I was saying that God was in control but my thoughts, emotions and actions stated otherwise.

I was double-minded about my prayers and as a result, I was not experiencing the breakthrough I needed.

Through listening to the sermon, I was invited to change my beliefs. I was reminded how great my God is and that He expects His children to have great or perfect faith no matter how big a situation may seem.

After listening to the sermon I understood that hopelessness is the result of putting trust in self rather than God. Had I remembered that I serve a big, loving and limitless God, hopelessness would have never been an option.



Stop thinking about your ’impossible’ problem from your limited perspective and focus on GOD. Read what the Bible has to say about your situation and anchor your thoughts on that.

You may not get the solution right away, but with faith you can guarantee that the answer is on its way.

Think about it. Why would He carry you so far to forsake you? If you’ve been placing your faith in God all along then you can trust that His plan is working for your good.

While you wait you can decide to find joy through the difficulty. You can decide to focus on other areas of your life that are going well (trust me, they’re there). You can decide to work on good habits. Waiting does not have to be excruciating.


The next time you are tempted to feel hopeless about a situation, consider who you are trusting. Self? Or a limitless GOD?


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