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I could go into detail of ALL the things I dislike about the education system here in the UK, but I’ll spare you the negativity for now.

Simply put, we (my husband and I) want to be responsible for what our children are learning.

We want to know that where possible, we did everything we could to give our children the best head start. Even if that means WE have to teach them. After all, as parents we are their first and most invested teachers.

We are not happy with everything that children are being taught in schools, therefore we are taking matters into our own hands.

Yes that means they will miss out on the mainstream school culture, BUT it also means they’ll get to embrace a whole ‘new’ culture. (Which when you study the past, is actually the old culture because homeschool was the way our ancestors were taught).

Our children have the opportunity to align with a community of peers who know what it means to be home educated. A community who will experience an extended time to bond with their parents, whose classroom is not confined by 4 walls, but on the contrary, view the whole world as a classroom, because if there’s one thing I know about homeschoolers, they typically love to be outdoors.

As a naturally ’indoors’ person, this is something I’m still adjusting to. Deep-down I know nature is one of our finest teachers and being outdoors is great for children...well for everyone come to think of it, but I can't help but love my home comforts.

In all honesty, before having children, homeschooling was not part of the plan. When I dreamed about my future, the idea of homeschooling was never in the picture. But as life has progressed, it’s becoming more clear that it’s the best route for my family.

As the gap between our values and the values upheld by mainstream education widens, there’s a part of me that feels there’s no choice.

I know others will feel differently and that's ok.

Now that I’m on this homeschool journey, I intend to enjoy it, and in doing so to make it as enjoyable for my family as I possibly can.

If you like this post, you may enjoy this video.

What are your thought on home education? Leave a comment below 😊

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